1990 Porsche 911 Carrera 2 – Well Played


This minty green 911 Carrera embodies everything we love in regards to the Euro scene. It’s not an all-out show car but is driven on the regular and breaks necks similar to a supermodel with its smooth body, ultra-plush interior and hardcore stance. Simply put, this 964 is what clean Euro styling is all about!

The mastermind behind the build is none other than Brian Henderson, one of the founders behind Rotiform. Four years ago Rotiform was nothing but a company idea; however, Brian together with longtime friend Jason Whipple have shaped the brand as among the coolest and well-known wheel companies in the scene. They’ve also been favored by the custom wheel crowd, rebuilding old wheels to pimp status-we speak from experience!

1990 porsche 911 carrera 2 MOMO controlsthis really is Brian’s baby. And unlike 99.9% of project cars in States, this Porsche is beyond this world-well, beyond North America no less than. While originally purchased and driven by Brian in California, the car endeavored on an epic journey to Europe. It was put on a shipping container and sent to the UK where it was received by Porsche tuner Milestone71 who took over as the caretaker for the build. In some weeks time, Milestone71 along with a few other partners would take the 911 from zero to hero. The goal was to debut the car at the annual Wörthersee Tour-a tremendous European car festival in Austria 950-miles away from Great Britain. You can think of everyone involved had their work cut out for them…

Milestone71 kicked things off by ensuring the aircooled 3.6-liter six could survive the long journey. Virtually every part in the motor was refreshed, plus they added headers and an exhaust to provide the car a little bit more growl.

But the exterior and interior are what really put Brian’s car on a level we haven’t seen in the Porsche world. It’s got a new-school Euro look with a slammed static drop on H&R coilovers, plus custom-built mesh wheels-Rotiform’s of course, duh! The fenders were smoothed and pulled while finer details like the license plate tow and recess hook holes were shaved. StyleHaus was liable forThe inside is just as juicy with everything through the dash, controls, RUF shift knob, door panels and carpet retrimmed by Plush Automotive. The full cockpit is actually a bed of leather and Alcantara-even the über-rare Recaro A8 seats and rollcage are reupholstered. We might just roll around naked in this car. Just kidding Brian, however, you guys receive the picture-this interior is flawless!

As soon as the build was coming to a stop, Brian hopped on a flight to London and made history. As a whole, he drove the car 2,400 miles across Austria, England, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and France before it was loaded on a container and delivered back to Southern California. Oh yeah, we also can’t forget Brian pounded around the car on Europe’s finest roads which included two laps throughout the legendary Nürburgring and pushing the car 165mph on Germany’s autobahn.

What percentage of us can say we’ve done anything as cool or close to this? Slim to none. Well played, Brian.