2014 Acura RLX & RLX Sport Hybrid


Exactly what is the Acura RLX? I know manufacturer’s nomenclature of cars could possibly get really confusing when they begin using numbers and letters. So let me give you a quick history lesson so do you know what the RLX is and where it stands inside the Acura lineup.at that time and clearly became a legend. A decade later in 1996, the third generation Legend was rebranded since the Acura RL for Canada And America (still Honda Legend in Japan). Now this year, the RL has been superseded by the RLX. There’s a new halo car for Acura as well as at 377hp it’s the Honda’s most powerful production engine.

So why add the X to RL? No it’s not to emphasis the AWD system. The RL had the Super Handling All-Wheel-Drive (SH-AWD) for a long time. We can only assume the X was added to RL to emphasis the new Precision All-Wheel-Steer (P-AWS). Yes, this is something like the 4WS (4-Wheel Steer) we remember in the old third generation ’88-91 Honda Preludes. Before, just the new P-AWS is a million times a lot better than ever. Imagine decades a greater portion of technology advancement. The RLX is Acura’s flagship car targeting other luxury cars like the Lexus GS, BMW 5-series, Infiniti M, and Mercedes E-class. But when you drive the RLX things like the P-AWS give youWhenever you can afford it and you desire a luxury hybrid the RLX comes in a Sport Hybrid version. Now before you begin on that hybrid hater nonsense without a doubt. Don’t consider it as a hybrid car that may be luxurious. Think of it as a luxury car that has the added hybrid feature to gain a much better fuel economy. Just about every full-sized luxury car sips, no guzzles gasoline. So, why not have a perfect combination of hybrid mpg and luxury? Driving the RLX Sport Hybrid you would never know it was hybrid unless someone informed you. With 377hp in a 3.5L, this is Honda’s largest and most potent engine. This may not be your typical hybrid. It feels much more like a V8. We can’t wait to see someone VIP the shit out of this thing. Just look at those headlights.