Dai Yoshihara Spec Subaru BRZ Drift Machine debuts at SEMA 2013


Round 7 of the 2013 Formula D at Irwindale Speedway was an emotional moment for both Dai Yoshihara closed out the season by bidding a final farewell to his 2010 Championship car for one last time. The loss was short lived since we caught news that quickly across the tuner world that Dai along with his team were not in vain and had already been prepping a new drift platform for your upcoming 2014 FD Championship season, although saying goodbye is never easy. With the help of current fabricator Scott Dodgion of SPD Metalworks based in Placentia CA. And the rest of the group, the team transformed a 2014 Subaru the monster you can seesomewhat plain but there’s a very good reason why. Falken Tires and Forza Motorsports recently disclosed to us that they are throwing down a competition to see that can design the most well liked livery. The winning graphic scheme will likely be placed on your vehicle for the entire 2014 FD season. . That’s how awesome?




Kei Miura, the guy who designed the legendary Rocket Bunny wide body kit played an integral part in offering his newest Version 2 kit for the exterior with the addition of DY Champion wheels and a few additional body modifications per Dai’s request. The “no frills” interior layout offers a roll cage and bucket seat along with all the necessary gauges to keep close monitoring of the engines vitals.

The vented hood is reminiscent of the Subaru WRX because it plays an essential role in order to keep engine temps to a minimum in addition to offering additional clearance for the soon to be installed V8 power plant, like the one that powered his beloved S13. With an estimated 800whp on tap, you can be sure that the high horsepower machine and its lightweight chassis is sure to evoke some fear in FD competitors the upcoming season.