How To Cope When The Alarm Bells Won’t Stop Ringing

Alarms are designed to give out a warning signal whenever they are being tampered with or there has been a breach of security. Just like some house alarms go off so regularly that the neighbors simply turn a deaf ear and try to ignore them instead of calling the police or even taking the time to investigate, so some car alarms appear to like the sounds of their own voice.


Don’t get me wrong – car alarms are a great invention and can be a great deterrent to any would-be car thieves or anyone who is tempted by the lap top on the back seat, but they can also be a form of utter embarrassment if they insist on going off at all times during the night or day, particularly if they won’t shut up again.
So what’s the best way to deal with a wayward car alarm? How can you make sure that your alarm only gives a warning signal when there is really something to give warning about?
Here are a few tips:
• Check the batteries in your key fob. Okay, so this might not actually stop the alarm from sounding but if the batteries in the key fob are flat or faulty you won’t be able to switch it off. If the alarm refuses to be silenced until you have opened and closed the doors a couple of times or pressed the button until your thumb is ready to drop off, you can bet your bottom dollar that the batteries need attention.


• Check out the owner’s manual when you first buy the car. This should give you a clue about how the alarm works and which buttons can switch it on or off. Many of the new cars at Downey Nissan are fitted with perfectly functioning alarms; you just need to know how to work them.
• If you can’t silence the alarm with the remote button you might have to use the key to manually unlock the driver’s side door. That should restore peace and tranquility to the neighborhood. If the door is unlocked and the alarm is still ringing you should try locking and unlocking the door a couple of times. That should sort it out.


• Starting the car engine will sometimes quiet a badly behaved alarm. Many modern cars are programmed to switch off the alarm when the engine starts, just so long as the alarm hasn’t affected the immobilizer as well.
• If you really aren’t having any luck at all then it may be time to take drastic measures. Check in the manual for the location of the fuse which connects the car battery to the alarm and remove it. This should be classed as a strictly temporary measure however; disabling an alarm is not a very wise thing to do in the long term. Pull the fuse and get your car alarm fixed as soon as possible.
• If all else really has failed you might have to disconnect the car battery as a very last resort. Disconnecting the negative terminal will bring the sound of silence to the air as well as cutting off the electrical system to the entire car. A little bit like re-booting a computer – wait for 30 seconds or so before reconnecting the battery and hope for the best.
At Downtown Nissan they’ve got lots of different new and used motors available, and if you have any trouble with the alarms you can simply take them back for their professional mechanics to sort out any sorts of problem once and for all.